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Remote PC management and support

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Remote IT Management

Remote It management removes the worry of unexpected computer problems.

PC Remote IT Management (RITM) is a method of managing all of your computer, server, and network maintenance and problems via the web.


Our specially trained and highly qualified technical support team can solve problems in a fraction of the time it would take to call out someone on site, ensuring no time is wasted and your systems are operational allowing work to continue as normal.

Are you relying on the "office expert"?

The office "expert" who says he knows more about computers than the rest of the workforce can actually cost you extra money through time taken and future problems caused.

We have cultivated expertise from the worlds most recognised software suppliers to develop this revolutionary affordable, yet extremely secure management of your IT system.

Instead of simply providing the software to solve a specific problem we have created package of solutions and support options that give you a complete IT service.


During a free trial we will:

As part of our service via remote control of your computer, we can:


Spear Support IT We provide essential tools for supporting networked PC's for businesses of all sizes and types:

We offer flexible solutions that are affordable to both individuals and businesses allowing you to benefit from an extensive level of proactive and reactive support.

With our service you no longer have to pay large fees on an adhoc basis, but a simple manageable monthly service fee; which works for you.

Prices start from as only 15 per month, and at present we are offering a free trial including PC health check which includes free virus scan and microsoft windows update status report.

For further information, please visit our support products website ActiveInternetSupport.co.uk

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