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Search Engine Optimisation Specialists

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Web Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation

Internet marketing reaches more customers, more cost effectively than any other medium

To be successful online your website needs to attract visitors.

The number of visitors that your site attracts could therefore have a large impact upon the success of your business.

Internet marketing should never be underestimated.

Compared to the cost of traditional advertising, a well designed website, combined with a properly planned and executed search engine marketing campaign, can provide a tremendous long-term return on investment for any business.

Internet analysts suggest that 85% of website visitors find the site initially through search engines or directories.
This makes it essential that your site is highly visible in major search engines.

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we have created a range of cost effective internet marketing services to help small businesses succeed online.


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These services are based on two fundamentals:


Each of these services will help to attract visitors to your site, bringing your company more business and the rewards of a well managed website.

By carefuly analysing the relevant keywords and phrases that are used in searches we can acheive a higher level of search engine optimisation, ultimately leading to a higher search engine ranking.


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email marketing

Being at the top of the search engines will obviously play it's role in generating extra business, but instead of waiting for your customers to come to you, e.mail marketing allows you to cost effectively target them!

Spear Mail - email marketing management

email marketing allows you to target new customers and stay in touch with your existing customers.

email marketing
has never been so easy.

W3News is our permission based email marketing tool that allows the rapid creation of online newsletters and HTML communications.


Key Benefits


The W3News email marketing system, allows you to easily manage all aspects of your e-mail marketing campaigns. It comprises a front-end subscription tool and a back-end management facility.


Front-end Subscription Tool

This may be incorporated into a new or existing website. It will allow site visitors to register to automatically receive newsletters, information or other communications by e-mail.


Back-end management

The back office management functionality looks after the whole process of customer communications including subscription management, opt in databases, email creation, email scheduling, list management and campaign tracking.

Key features


Newsletter articles - practical and informative advice on the web design and marketing.


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This legislation now requires that any communication sent must always include the option for the recipient to unsubscribe their address.

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